IMG_3644We recently “got engaged” to liven up the scene at the Singapore debut of Korea’s biggest and original chain of Illusionary Entertainment Museum, and you guessed it right—it was a match made in heaven!

Larger-than-life, vibrant, creative, and highly immersive 3D artworks were on display. Patrons were given the chance to “momentarily” live their fondest fantasies—whether it was to put on a pair of big angel wings, or to ride a floating paper boat, or to be cradled in the arms of Superman!

With Instaroid deployed at the inaugural event, these priceless moments were captured, immortalized, and shared—all as it happens, where it happens!

With Smartphones on hand, and two Instaroid boxes on site, patrons snapped, printed, and shared photos of their most awesome experience.

It was not hard to see that they were enjoying their creative shots set against picturesque 3D artworks—right on the palm of their hands as instant prints.

Moreover, with photos instantly shared and uploaded on social media, guests were basking in the limelight and the praises given them by their friends and circles for being in the most awesome art scene in the city!

For the client, it meant giving guests an experience they’d love to have over and over again, while spontaneously and rapidly spreading the brand on social media.


Instaroid helped the museum engage the crowd by delighting them with instant prints of their personal keepsakes. With guests instantly uploading their photos on different social media, the museum became the talk of the town – reaping rave reviews offline and online.

At the end of the day, an estimated 75,000 people were reached on social media, up to 44% of which liked the museum’s Facebook page. 399 direct mails were sent to personal inboxes after the event for relationship nurturing.

It was indeed a day of appreciating the grandeur of 3D artistry, and of immortalizing yet another colourful memory with Instaroid!

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