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At a period when communication and social sharing happen at a mere fraction of time, Instaroid challenges what’s possible and pushes the realm of your experience to a new level.

Art Stage Singapore: The World’s Premier Destination For Art Exhibitions

40,500 visitors.

600 artists.

130 galleries.

28 countries.

10 curated sales exhibitions.

1 team to capture it all.

Art Stage Singapore is a premier world stage for the culturatti and gliteratti, where a fusion of art, fashion, food, fun, and everything fabulous happens in one night of event that magnetizes the most avid art lovers and most prolific art buyers from all over the world.

Propaganda was the creative events agency that organized 2014 Art Stage Singapore dubbed “We Are Asia.”

Propaganda was looking for an innovative way to generate Facebook likes and increase customer engagement.

By combining photo capture, social sharing, and photo printing all within a wink of an eye, Instaroid is one-of-a-kind solution that allowed participants see—and hold—their most cherished moments at the event while it was still happening.

Dave Priestly, creative director, immediately captured the vision of how Instaroid can engage visitors to this event – a diverse international crowd. The solution allows attendees to instantly create a branded photo souvenir and like the event Facebook page, right from their Smartphone.

Because the crowd was an amalgam of the crème dela crème in the art scene, each branded photo souvenir turned out to be priceless pieces of art.

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Instaroid Defines Moments At Art Stage Singapore

With Instaroid seizing moments at the 2014 Art Stage Singapore, the client enjoyed the following results:

  • Volume: 1,000 printed pictures in 10 hours
  • Enjoyment: Attendees enjoyed the fun and quirky way to get souvenir photos. As proof, attendees took 3 prints each on average
  • Facebook Likes: Instaroid-shared photos on Facebook led to a staggering 18.5% in-app conversion rate. This is 20 to 40 times higher than a typical Facebook ad campaign; in addition, these are the highest quality likes one could get for this Facebook page, being real visitors to the event and already engaged with a branded print in their hands.

What Our Customer Has To Say

That said, we have received the following accolade from our key customer, Mr. Dave Priestly of Propaganda:

“We were surprised by the wow effect produced on the crowds. Visitors loved it, and most importantly, the event organizer was happy. Instaroid helped assert our agency as a creative and innovative partner to our client.”

Dave Priestly, director – Propaganda

What Event Participants Have To Say

We have also heard good report from event participants who said they enjoyed our fun and quirky way of capturing moments at the event:

“This art gallery is amazing and I love having the small instant prints”

“Surprisingly fast and easy”

Make It More Memorable, Give Your Guests A Personalised Memory Of Your Event

Give your guests a lifetime of wonderful memories instantly captured on Instaroid. So they will remember – and talk about the event until they’re in a ripe old age—only through Instaroid!