Showing the company video on your TV screen in a loop is too boring. Capture their attention and make them stop on your booth by creating fun and appealing videos. Some of these ideas will help you turn your boring TV into a striking LED Wall.

Recreate company videos

Have a series of short, splashy AVP that will get people to stop at your booth. It may be a 30-second company overview, a promotional video, or explainer video. Don’t forget to back them up with fun and energetic music so guests won’t get bored!



How your products/services work will help you communicate better with your audience. Instead of explaining and describing it and making them imagine what you actually do, show them a video about your product/service. This saves a lot of time! And remember, put your efforts in the right place like knowing them more and analyzing how you can help them instead of wasting time explaining what you do for hours knowing that a short video can do all the work.


Case studies

Clients love good results. Produce a short video presentation about your clients– their problem, how you solved it and their feedback. This is a great way to convince and show them that you are a really worthy investment.


Client reviews

Having a video of your previous clients saying how you helped them is a great way to build and increase the credibility of your company. People will see that you are actually doing a good job and client satisfaction is your top priority.



Games and contests

Who doesn’t love gifts? People are more attracted to movement and excitement. Offer them cool prizes to give people more reasons to play. The catch? You capture their data as a soon they start using Impressius. Talk about win/win!

Social Media Wall

Display all the upload photos on Facebook and Instagram with the help of Impressius! Encourage them to post photos with a hashtag then it will be automatically printed and uploaded to our Social Media Wall. This pulls them more into your trade show booth. And it makes your company look more tech savvy.


Hopefully, by now, you figured out what videos are best to include in your events. Here are additional tips for you!

  1. Make it noticeable. Remember, make your LED wall big and tall but pleasing to the eye, not too bright not too dark.
  2. Prepare Subtitles. Exhibitions, trade shows, and events tend to be loud, as such, there is no guarantee that your visitors will be able to hear it so put captions and subtitles to your videos.
  3. Use a reliable video format. Make sure to have a copy of your videos on a flash drive. Don’t fully rely on Youtube or any other Wifi-dependent video players. With your flash drive, you can easily plug it into a TV screen or connect it with your computer.