Find out from the user Also known as User Generated Content (UGC) is everything that your customers and fans post about your brand or product. Especially in social media channels in the form of photos, drawings, articles, videos or other

Eh, did the gym come and say that those things are just spam? Not really. In fact, it’s good for your brand.

For example, one of the famous UGC projects across the web in 2014 is the Starbucks’ White Cup Contest.

In this project, Starbucks encourages all their customers to draw their own pictures or cool designs on their famous white paper glass. And sent to compete in the Starbucks social media channels Making more than 4000 contestants in one place, for example, only

Listen, then it’s really fun, right ?!



The famous Starbucks brand will die for what reason? Using UGC to work with your brand?

Customers who are involved are loyal customers.

Have you ever looked at other brands’ products and thought about yourself? “I have ideas to make this product better. He should use my ideas! “

It is because consumers today do not stand still with the things they bought as before. Now, social media is a way for everyone to vent their opinions in public areas. Whether it is criticism or various eccentric ideas

It’s time for you to use this feature of the consumer to develop your market.

The answer is very simple. You should reward customers who are involved in your brand image. When you give them the opportunity to participate in your event You are building a relationship with them which adds goodness and trust to your brand.

Make them fun and remember the experience you have. It is very smart and profound marketing.

Participating customers are free advertising.

Try to calculate how much money you spend on an ad online in one day, such as on Facebook.

How about 1,500 baht? Within 1 month, this cost will reach almost 50,000 baht and this does not include other expenses. Again for various social media channels

You may get a lot of ad traffic but still not sure. That these audiences will definitely interact with your brand Will he measures money to buy your products?

50,000 baht can go near at least But if you use this money first to find new techniques Or cool help Come to increase the efficiency of your event. You will get a lot more UGC from consumers who are likely to become customers higher than your ad audience.

Another good one, people who play new social media Most often like to look through the ad flat on their screen. They need new communication, excitement, and experience. And they want it in an easy-to-understand format Fast, too!

When your customers post UGC about the brand, your friends and acquaintances who have similar likes will see and learn about your brand as well. It turns out that you can gather more customers easily in one place. Especially if the person posting help with friends and the bonus!

And the person who saw the post would say “I want some experience like this!”

Participating customers will like Zaire more.

If the customer is involved, he is controlling the experience. That he has with your brand

How many times do you have to sit and click to leave the annoying ad that interrupts your YouTube video viewing? In this situation, You do not have control of the experience with a brand that has an ad that makes it uncomfortable.

You wouldn’t want consumers to think of your brand like this, right?

If you have a traditional sales business, UGC will have better results than normal, because it will create another level of interaction and excitement. Such as encouraging customers to take pictures of their favorite dishes from your restaurant And post it to see which figure is the most beautiful

Or more top-up is to use Impressius in your job or shop!

Impressius is a printing machine that is reminiscent of social media that has coolness in itself. Let people take pictures from any point in the job and click Print. Share. In one click, this is easy. It’s fun!

You will be able to customize the frame into your brand’s design and set up a hashtag to allow all players to promote your campaign without having to rely on an ad!

Your customers will be able to create UGC for your brand. With the bag back home

And your brand will become more and more famous for social media. At a more affordable price

In conclusion, UGC is an avid marketing tool for every brand of modern brands. If you believe in social media power, don’t wait!

Collect money to create a regular ad to create vitality and increase sales for the brand better than Impressius!

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