Amazon better watch out, the retail industry is making a comeback and it spares no effort and cost in doing so.

How exactly?

By combining shopping and entertainment, also known as retailtainment.

The concept is not new. In 2015, Target made headlines when it opened its wacky wonderland-themed pop-up store.
In 2017, National Geographic rolled out a museum-retail experience providing themed attractions, interactive demonstrations, and hands-on workshops.

Here’s what to look out for in 2018:

More themed stores.

It’s not enough for your stores to have a well-planned layout. It also needs to create hype. Live trees taking prominent spots inside Apple flagship stores in Singapore have proven to be a crowd magnet with hundreds of people visiting the stores on its opening day. Space and design are keys in retailtainment. If you are looking to liven up your space, you can use the Impressius Mini, smallest social media printer in the world, to fit in the tiniest spots and integrate it into your shop design.


Gamification of shopping.

The survey predicts that 87 % of retailers will use gamification methods in the next five years. If your target demographic is young and tech-savvy, you can consider developing an app that allows your customers to play games, win loyalty points or perks, and engage with other customers, to drive up sales.

Party in store.

Ride high on the festive mood by throwing parties for your customers in the store. Not only can you introduce your products, but you can also count on them to spread the message when they snap selfies and upload it on Instagram with your hashtag.

Retailtainment-party-in-storePhoto: activation at American Eagle store with Impressius for new collection launch in Singapore

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