Participating in trade shows is an excellent way for your business to grow exposure and meet potential clients. But with the convention center being all busy with the gimmicky competitors, it’s’ a challenge to get clients notice and stay at your booth.

To ensure that you acquire the maximum ROI you can from the money and time invested at the expo, it’s best to strategically think about what and how you can do to make the best impression possible. So, how do you make certain that your booth is not lost in the shuffle? We’ve listed 10 smart ways for you to make your exhibit the one that attendees will remember.

Get ahead of the game.

Sure the expo happens on specific dates, but work to promote your appearance before the official date starts. Utilize the event’s hashtag one to two weeks before the expo. Publish an engaging and image-rich on the different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Use it to interact with other brands and attendees whenever possible. Lastly, don’t forget to utilize your email list and let your existing customers know you will be there!

Check out what you’re up against.

Do your research. Check out your biggest competitors and try to figure out what your competitors are doing and base your strategy off of that. If you are new to a trade show, try to find pictures from the last event to see what kind of setup other companies had. You can either do what they are doing and do it better or have something totally different. That way you ensure you can stand out visually from your competitors.

Dress to impress.

Obviously, you should come dressed nicely and professionally. You can do a little more than that like adding a little bit of flair to your outfit. Maybe come dressed as a team and matching outfits with your colleagues. It could come out as cheesy, but if executed correctly, it will make you stand out in a small way that helps potential clients remember you.

Great displays are a good investment.

If you want to look bigger and more investable, consider making good videos, graphics and other media that you can print and flash on a TV or big screen. Digital graphics can do a great job of attracting attention simply by showing changing images, like your logo or videos of your product in action. Make sure they are well-crafted and in high-quality so it would look great.

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Use a Presentation Board.

If your trade show display space will allow, erect a stand-alone presentation board. You can show how clients can benefit from using your services. Be creative and make it stand out. Include pictures, if possible, and be sure your company name and logo are more than obvious.

Give away something they will cherish.

People love taking pictures and sharing it to the world. Since guests are already doing it, turn them into your brand ambassadors! Encourage them to post their pictures with your brand’s hashtag and by doing so, they can have it printed for free. Impressius offers hashtag printing and displays all the printed pictures in a Live Gallery on a TV Screen or your LED Wall. Everybody loves to see their faces on a big screen!

Make people stay more.

Nothing can be so eye-catching than a crowd staying in your booth. Curious minds would always want to know and check it out. Use it for your advantage and keep them entertained by doing a giveaway contest. The Lucky Draw feature of Impressius allows you to do a photo contest with all the pictures posted online with your hashtag. You can either select the winners manually or pre-select them before the draw starts! This will engage and encourage them more to participate. Especially if they knew you were giving away such cool prizes!

Key Takeaways:

Of course, there’s no perfect formula for expo success. Expos are for forming relationships with your target audience. Remember, they’re at an event checking out a number of companies in a short period of time – what makes your company notable than the rest?

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