Don’t you just love it when predictions come true?

Last time, we told you about a beauty brand that engaged us for their product launch. Based on the fun and excitement guests had having us at the said event, we particularly said that that was not going to be the last. Guess what, our prediction came true!

The Instaroid team was engaged once again at ION Orchard to render live printing and sharing of photos for a new beauty product of the same company. In collaboration with Elle Magazine, the event was a beauty-studded affair with no less than MediaCorp award-winning artistes Ya Hui and Pierre Png taking snapshots and instantly sharing and printing photos!

The emcee peppered the occasion with invitation to use a hashtag when sharing.

The result? 100 pictures instantly printed in less than 2 hours, and an audience of 100,000+ reached on Instagram. This has extended the social media reach of the new product by over a thousand times times!

Ya Hui and Pierre Png

instaroid instant photo printing

instaroid instant photo printing at MediaCorp event

Apart from Instaroid adding sparkle to the affair, our client said that one reason for having us is the compact design of the Instaroid box that was perfect for the limited space of the venue. The box was “barely there but everywhere” at the same time. Conveniently placed near the sales counter, the Instaroid box made photo printing easy breezy.

It’s not just the ice bucket challenge that’s going viral these days. With Instaroid 24×7 virality machine, your event can be viral, too. Pop us an email today to find out how. Let’s talk soon and thank you!

Keep snapping,