Before that, the only way to have celebrities introduce our brands is to issue commercials on TV. But today we have hundreds of cool options

Anyone who has an online follower and thousands of fans have set themselves as important people.

This group of people is the Micro Influencers. These guys have about 100,000 to 100,000 people on social media channels such as Instagram or Facebook.

Oh, not even millions?

Yes! Micro Influencer That is very important to us because …

92% of consumers said they had the opportunity to follow the recommendations from the Micro Influencers. More than famous celebrities

Micro Influencer Have the opportunity to increase clicks, download or sell up to 22 times

Wow! This means that This group will make our brand prosperous!

That is true, but first, like everything in the business. We will have to learn deeply about Microfluorescent. Follow it!

Micro Influencer can make your business or niche market brand popular

In most cases, they will have an audience that is interested in content that is quite specific to any genre.

Like athletes who like to wear and take pictures of his Nike Air Jordan shoes

This man is a microfluorescence and his niche market is Nike Air Jordans.

No other soles of shoes, canvas or Adidas shoes. Only available for Nike Air Jordans.

His folks like his style of Nike and Michael Jordan. For a long time, this athlete became an expert in Nike Air Jordans.

His folks will listen to what he said and his advice because the User Generated Content (content generated by users) is really powerful for consumers.

Because if he happens to have 50,000 folks in the country and 25,000 in there in your city He posted that He just bought a footstep from your store. Then he recommended your shop very much You can prepare to wait for new customers. Rs.

Micro Influencer Like talking to their folks

Micro Influencer Most will have a closer relationship with the folks than millions of stars. Because most of them build their own followers base

Micro Influencer is like a guru.

We call him Influencers because of his influence, he interacts with his audience. Answer all questions And help with various suggestions Therefore resulting in the loyal listeners listening to him As well as the time that Influence told the Falcons to buy their own recommended items

As a brand or business owner, You do not have to use this effort to create a relationship that will immediately trust you, because Influenza has already done this for you.

The only thing you have to do is make Influencers This person promotes your brand!

Watch this sample with Micro Influencers.Influencer post on Instagram

Instagram comments

  1. Influence informs the location of her stay by checking in.
  2. Influencers Goodwill intend to write a caption to the brand that he wants to convey and what the audience he knows likes to read. Including using hashtags as well
  3. Paul Ensor in others a line of content and audience area was also a known brand and is recommended by 
  4. out Paul Ensor good to meet and talk with the audience as well. Lower Falls of
  5. the social power of the brand increased. Post and Follower viewers want to come here. They were next friends

You use a micro infographic. To reach new small groups

As we mentioned in the first article, Micro Influencer Most have their own niche market. And this penetration also includes the place and age

The advantages of Jae Jong go to the new consumer who is not very big. Is more frequent telling Because then you post about the brand from Micro Influencers The correct will help you immediately.

Employment of Micro Influencers With a reasonable price

Most Micro Influencers will give you a promotion price that is just right for him. Which will be ten times as much as the famous singer

In fact, there is a micro inflower. Many people also go to not charge post fees.

They may be satisfied with receiving free items for review.

If you are the owner of a restaurant or a micro-infinite bar, some people may be happy to bring friends, family, or even other micro-consumers to eat, drink, free in exchange for a good review.

This post will come in formats like The food looks delicious. Video episodes are fun with friends and compliments of your brand or location. All of them are very useful for you.

Example of using micro infographic at that little price Is one case in Singapore

The Singapore government added 28 micro fluxes to help promote his environmental campaign for 3 months, all with very good returns.

And all the money spent on the Micro Influencer These guys? 1,500 coins! (Approximately 35,000 baht)

Using Micro Influencers to make a bang: use with Impressius!

If you want to boost your social media reputation in full power We recommend this method:

  • Micro Influential Group Come to your store or brand event
  • Install the Impressius machine for them and other guests to shoot and share experiences with ease and fast.

Just this The brand’s vitality increases!

Don’t forget the Influencers Very fond of taking pictures And they like to keep the memorabilia in the form that we print out too!

Learn how to use Impressius and Micro Influencers. Make it happen by decorating the booth or event with tricks and nice items or reading about other options to maximize your Impressius performance in your event or brand!

With this inexpensive method, You can easily increase the reputation and interaction of your brand by 1,000 times!

Instaroid Mini at Westin Hotel Phuket

Cute small Impressius Mini booth which is a favorite of micro All-in-one at Westin Hotel Phuket (Westin Phuket Hotel)

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