Struggling with traditional marketing? Youre not alone. 86% of people say they skip ads and actively attempt to tune out traditional advertising, making your company’s journey to connect with your consumers ten times harder.

It’s not that traditional promotional marketing campaigns are less effective, but in order to have an impact, they need to be combined with modern methods. That’s where brand activation comes into play.

But wait, what is brand activation exactly?  

Brand activation is simply the process of making a brand loved and stuck in its consumers minds. Essentially, brands need to generate interest and trigger engagement while differentiating from other competitors.

Almost. The struggle that most brands have is finding a way to reach potential customers that can shift perceptions and create real emotional engagement.

This process can be done through various ways but keep in mind that brand activation is about bringing a brand to existence and produce unique experiences, rather than choosing between 1 and 2 for consumers.

When planning and developing an effective brand activation, youll just need these 5 adjustments to make your brand marketing a success:

Audience Alignment: Think about your audience before you finalize the details. For example, if you are planning a product launch, when building the correct strategy for the event marketing it is important to consider the location, activities, messaging and giveaways, which should all be selected with your target audience in mind. Steve Jobs will never try to explain why the new iPhone 6S’s processor is better than any other processor because he knows most people don’t care. Instead, he emphasizes how the product affects the consumers. For example, he talks about how exasperating it is to carry both a phone and an MP3 player and how, with an iPhone, you’re condensing them down to only one easy-to-carry device.

Return on Investment: What is the potential return on investment? According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmark Report, “Only 21% of B2B marketers are successful at tracking ROI”; Are you able to measure the success? It may not always be financial; it could be in business leads, opportunities, Instagram followers, impressions, or retweets. If you are dealing specifically with B2B marketing this process can be even more difficult.

Uniqueness: Is it unique enough that it will get people talking and participating? You want to use a marketing strategy that lets you stand apart from competitors; Pique your reader’s curiosity by creating a curiosity gap, which is the gap between what a person knows and what he or she wants to know. When consumers notice a gap in their knowledge, they start to feel some kind of deprivation and will want to know what they have missed. Upworthy

Technology: Stay up to date on the latest tech, get inspiration from technology, use it as activation ideas and be sure to mix it into your marketing strategy. Think about streaming videos, Twitter feeds, 360 pictures, Facebook Live, etc. Impressius is a perfect example of a great piece of unique technology you could utilize at your event. We help you engage your audiences and drive traffic to your social media and we generate ROI reporting after every event with measurable results!


Emotions: Think about how you feel when you hear marketing messages and how those feelings affect your own buying decisions. People see a lot of marketing messages every day, so you have to give them a reason to digest yours by making them feel something when they see it. With the power of instant photos, your consumers will keep tangible memories and if your brand stays in their sight, it stays in their minds.