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  • Join the latest marketing trend.

    Be part of the next phase in marketing, where you bridge digital and reality to engage customers. Google, Facebook and Apple are doing it. Don’t wait.
  • Done-for-you system at a great price.

    The system is made with growth and simplicity at heart. Take it and start making money, while the affordable price tag eases your way to profits.
  • Easy transport, hassle-free setup.

    Forget bulky photo booth cabinets that need expensive utility vehicles to transport and half an hour to set up and teardown. Compact and light, Impressius Box can be carried by luggage, across the streets or even in a plane. Not to mention plug-and-play function in events. 5 minutes, and it’s up. We promise.
  • Pay back the franchise fee in 1 event per month

    Hundreds of events take place daily. Just 1 per month will cover the base and turn the rest into healthy profits. A proven moneymaking machine just for you.
  • Make a difference. Deliver a valuable service.

    Impressius helps foster better relationships between brands and customers, and brings joy to events. That’s value delivered.
  • A product that sells itself.

    A game changer in events and venues. A game changer in sales and product demos. Bring it to the clients’ office with ease. Put on the table, plug in and hear the wows. Make pitching as easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Complete control of your time.

    Super easy to train staff to take charge, from start to end. Super easy to manage and maintain. Super easy to scale up with the right effort. The Impressius system is designed with the end goal to free your time.
  • Main or side income, your call.

    Take it up as a main business and pave your way to success. Or use it to earn that extra income that takes you closer to your early retirement plan. The choice is yours.
  • Guided at every step to success.

    Receive support in: Marketing collateral and efforts, Sales tools and best practices, Technical support and training, Online and offline lead generation. Access our large network of contacts in Asia and Europe for referrals and brand awareness. One we painstakingly built, now at your fingertips.
    Don't take our word for it. See for yourself.
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