Plain is good, but fancy is powerful.

Want more visitors coming to your booth? Of course, you do. Tons of people coming to your booth equates to tons of opportunities. Getting noticed at a busy event is not easy especially if your booth is small. Below, we give you the best tips to attract visitors to your booth.

Use Visual Appeal

Having an attractive booth is the first step in providing a booth for attendees. A booth that looks dull and a ghost town won’t attract visitors. So spice up your booth by using colors that compliment your company/ brand logo. Don’t be afraid to try something new and you can always check out different designs from the internet to give you ideas! Just make sure to maintain authenticity so guests would recognize and remember you.


Everyone loves games especially if they are excited about the prizes. This idea must be simple but it works to attract visitors. Games in a booth can be a customized prize wheel, jumble words, money blower machine and so on depending on your company’s theme.

Amuse them

Other than the games that you prepare, you can also have your best entertainer! Whether it’s magicians, popular musicians, mascot, or a dancing robot. Always remember that when you create an entertainment it must appeal to the tastes of your target visitors you are trying to attract.

Be seen

TV screen or LED wall is better than scroll-up banner as an on-site promotional tool. Using a large TV screen you can put multiple and personalized designs on it and reduce the costs compared with banners. With the use of a large TV screen, it increases the chance of the bystander’s curiosity towards your brand. While you can play all your company’s AVP,  you might run out of ideas to play on screen, you can use our Live Gallery feature and increase your social media exposure and engage more guests!

Let them rest

Give your visitors someplace to relax at your booth. Provide some relaxing chairs and table or maybe put an aquarium or some teddy bears for them to see. Make your booth instagrammable so that while they are resting, they can take some selfies and post it on social media with your hashtag and inform others where you are at. While resting, they can have their pictures printed using our social media printer.

Invite influencers

Invite some influencers can also help to attract visitors. So if you know some influencers invite them! You can have some artist or singers or your ambassador for your brand. If you invite influencers for your booth it can also increase your followers in social media which is good for your brand. Pick the best influencers for your brand.

Have a UNIQUE Souvenir

Giving souvenir is popular in many events so that your visitors can remember you after the event. Give them something they will really keep by letting them print their own photo stickers, with your logo, using Impressius’ services. This way you can easily encourage them to keep it forever.

Managing a booth is not easy but when you see the happiness in the eyes of your visitors, it’s priceless. Having an interactive booth opens a lot of opportunities that can lead to the success of your business. So make it worth your money.

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