Want more visitors at your booth? Of course, you do! No one wants their booth to be a ghost town so we give you some ideas on how to attract an audience and maximize ROI during your exhibit.

Below is the list of ideas to attract an audience at your booth. Enjoy reading it!

Integrate Social Media

Make sure to be active on social media. Being present on social media before, on and after your trade shows can help you to have booth traffic, new connections (both online and offline), and increase brand awareness. Trade shows that don’t use social media is missing an opportunity towards the success of your brand.

Use your in-house mailing list to contact existing customers

Inform your existing customers about your upcoming trade show via email. Email can also be a more efficient way of keeping in touch with your existing clients; it requires less effort to simply open a message that’s already in their inbox. But of course, the effectiveness of email marketing is largely dependent on the quality of your messages so make your message attractive.

Bring up the lights

Nothing beats a booth with good lighting. This makes your space stand out more among your competitors. Guests will be like moth scrambling and buzzing just to get around your space!

Give attendees a place to relax and recharge their batteries

Whether you’re an attendee or an exhibitor, you’ll know that trade shows can often be exhausting. Attending a trade show is tiring, especially when you’re constantly being pitched to by sales reps. Make your booth a comfortable destination for attendees and they’ll surely drop by, perhaps with a couple of friends or colleagues in town. To have a unique and new trade show, turn your booth into an oasis of peace, quiet and relaxation for attendees. Layout comfortable armchairs and sofas for attendees to relax and chat in, complete with coffee and free Wi-Fi.

Wifi party

Let your attendees expand the word! Just make sure your event has enough bandwidth to accommodate your attendee’s tweets, posts, and photo uploads. The big advantage of offering your attendees reliable internet is the exciting opportunity to create buzz surrounding the event as people post live updates on the various social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Demo your product

We all know that products can’t sell itself. Demo your product in a trade show is a big opportunity for a brand to have a face-to-face, interactive environment for potential clients. It is also much better if you display your products in your trade show.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

Having a Virtual reality in doing your demo with your product is much more appealing than talking personally by all the visitors in your trade show. You can also present your product exactly on how it is in real time.

Photo Booth with Props

Having an exciting prop in your photo booth will add the excitement to try it. This props will encourage people to try it. People recall the best moment inside the trade show so by having a unique photo booth with excitement props is the best idea you will have.

Customized Contest

Having a contest will let your visitors have such wonderful moments with the booth. More people can recall the moment in your booth more popularity you will get because of the power of the word of mouth. Try using Impressius’ Photo contest and enthuse them with posting more for a chance to win funky gifts!

Offer something everyone will keep

Present your guests something from your booth that everyone can keep and of course will love. With all the pictures posted on Instagram, it can be printed instantly with our Hashtag Printing technology! Having a perfect and cute souvenir for everyone will make them remember you. Plus, all the guests’ emails who used the Impressius service will be recorded by our system!

Brands do their full effort to attract an audience at their booth which you have to do also. I hope these 10 ideas will help you to do that. You can also hire Impressius Philippines for much better success for your event. See you at your next event!

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